The Illinois Governor announced on October 20th, 2020 that a new round of stronger restrictions going into place that Friday. All six counties surrounding Chicago will not allow indoor dining.

Immediately a number of restaurants took to social media saying they can’t afford to do that and will defy the order.

That Friday Chuck, Matt and Tom met at a pizza place defying the order and discussed a way forward. “If these independent small businesses will defy the order for their livelihood, then we too must defy and support them”, and Rebel Diners was born. That weekend they began to reach out to their network and scheduled the 1st Rebel Diner lunch at one of the 1st restaurants to come out in defiance that following Tuesday.

12 diners joined together for a delicious meal and toasted the owner and his son.  The owner was in tears thanking the Rebel Diners for their support. In addition, the diners left a tip for the server in excess of $400, and he too so humbly and graciously thanked each diner for their support.

The following week 21 Rebel Diners descended upon an establishment and positively impacted the owner and their staff. 

The Rebel Diners have grown to 48 participants and continue weekly missions to help support the small business restauranteur.